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Reply to "JIM CROW: Still Alive and well"

Originally posted by James Wesley Chester: Unfortunately, both of you guys are missing the point of disenfranchisement. Unless you mean something other than my understanding of the word. I don't see the logic.

To say, that law cannot provide the change needed implies that the law did not historically do what it was/is intended to do.

I believe what I am saying, JWC, is that actually, no, that law has not historically done what it was/intended to do. It helped make things better. Scared the white folks into thinking there would be severe consequences to their actions ... and made a few of them stop doing the things they were doing. I'm sure some even faced prosecution and were made examples of ... and that probably helped a lot.

But, if that law has/had indeed accomplished its mission, and, indeed, made our vote just as even, just as fair, just as counted, just as important and substantial as anybody else's vote, BY LAW, then I would call it an effective

An example ... it is illegal[i] for a law enforcement officer to beat a man up just because he is Black. Eek Eek I don't even have to go there for you to know how effective that law is. To take it away would mean nothing ... because they still do it anyway!! They get taken into court, tried for violating that [i]law and get exonerated. If they take that law away, and it gives the police free reign to beat away at Black men, it has got to be US and what we do to stop it.

Now, of course, because that law is in place, it doesn't happen as often as it might otherwise. The law stands looming ... and probably gives second-thought to those who might otherwise break it.

This Voting Rights Act law is not even as radical as the example above. We want and fight for and demand a law that gives us a right that was emboldened to us in 1775 when the Constitution was written. BY LAW.

Now, if that isn't a more powerful weapon with which to fight for our right to vote than the 1965 Voting Act Right, then I'm the one who's got it all wrong. That is where I don't see the logic.