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Reply to "JIM CROW: Still Alive and well"

Originally posted by EbonyRose:
So, Mr. Chester ....

What (in your best prediction) is going to happen in 2007 if nothing is done about the Voting Rights Act at that time?

In other words, do you believe that America will return to a Jim Crow law-type society at that time if the Voting Rights Act (or Section 4(a)) is allow to lapse or terminate?

Not likely.

What will happen is that States will openly prevent African American-Americans from voting in local, county, and State elections when, and where such intervention is desired.

The same thing will happen in and by States in national elections, most notably Presidential.

Over time the practice will become pervasive until the Supreme Court is challenged once again.

I won't go the 'doomsday' root, and predict dire acts.

The most important consequence will be the return of the control of the vote of African America to the European Establishment.

We will have not political alternative to the two-party system in which we are currently locked.

Strangely, most African American-Americans today (the descendants of the soldiers of the Civil Rights Movement) find no discomfort, and therefore no cause for alarm for the condition we found unacceptable in 1964.

Our children have been lulled to sleep by half-a-loaf of freedom.


Jim Chester