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  Me myself?  I don't believe in the bible version of how the so-called Jews got to Egypt.  There is no historical evidence that it occurred.  Nor is there any historical evidence that Moses split the sea.  Come on.    Why them and not the babies who are slaughtered with hatchets in Africa?  Why them and not the people who have to escape their homes because of war and mayhem? Or the women who have the vaginas cut and mutilated?  How come God not coming to their rescue?  And according to the bible...the Jews weren't in any pain or being tortured or whatever.  They weren't targeted and hung from trees.  So why did God rescue them from the most advanced civilization in the world to place them in a forest for 40 days?  Chosen?  Chosen for what?  That's ridiculous as why DON'T BELIEVE IT.    Cuz even then the so-called Jews are not even acknowledging that the Egyptians were in fact BLACK.  Listen to the Jews' version...the Egyptians are Arabs.  And if the Jews are so special...then WHY have they been persecuted and chased out of almost every country?  It ain't cuz they killed  Jesus.    

As a matter of fact, I questioned a lot of things in all three of the Abrahamic religions in terms of black people and their place in those scriptures in their own land.  I believe that whoever stole strolls from the pyramids during the conquest of Alexander the Great [who gave those sacred strolls to the Greek philosophers who at the time didn't know what they were] implemented the conference to discuss  how they were going to incorporate these belief systems [makeshift  patriarchal  doctrine] into their culture to effectively  justify slavery and the caste color code status.  As why the teachings are in the era of 1-2nd AD.  And Islam is the only religion to begin  in the 7th century.   As why I always say..."whenever the time to split the sea?  God could have came during slavery." But he didn't.  So don't believe the hype about judgement day.....and doomsday and all that crazy talk about hell and fire.  I do believe in God.  The universe I call him/her.  Those religious dogmas are designed to keep humans in slavery/women subjugated  and justify doing so by putting it in their God book.  What God would ALLOW all that suffering?  And especially the women and children?  And if that's the kind of God that allows alladat?  I'll pass and take my chances when I move on.  Throughout world history too many innocent people have been killed, maimed and displaced all  in the name of the Lord, Allah and Yaweh.  But again...that's me.  Not judging anyone's belief.  Cuz it's all a personal perspective.  But!

There is no evidence the Hebrews were ever slaves in Egypt or guests in Egypt other than what's in the Bible. It's all myth, it's propaganda that people other than Blacks\Egyptians built the pyramids. As a matter of fact, there is no proof that Jesus actually existed other than what is in the Bible. There is no external history outside of the Bible or records that say anything about Jesus. There is no record outside of the Bible that Moses existed. It's all made up. 

The history of Jews being allowed in Kemet to give them protection from the enemies they were fleeing from, is in the Kemetic history/records of Black African history.  

And it was contact with Black Africans in Kemet that non-Black people learned African religious philosophy, concepts, and rituals, that they then plagerized into the "Bible", "Torrah", "Koran", and later "Christianity" and "Catholocism" [after corrupting the hell out of the teachings], (and still lie about it to the world and their own congregations to this day) and then turned around and disseminated the lies that Africans were "pagans" and "animal worhippers", "didn't have a written language", etc., etc.

So, there is evidence that Jews were in Kemet, but it is a blatant lie that is disseminated that they were ever "slaves" in Kemet.  

OK, I can go along with that but I don't think it was some kind of long drawn out drama, again there is no proof that it really happened. This has been a long debate ever since the Bible stated it.  There is no proof the Hebrews were ever guests or slaves in Egypt and there are a lot of people trying to find proof either way. It does make sense that something like that could have happened since both ethnic groups are in fairly close proximity.