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Please list exactly what Occupy Wall Street did or accomplished other than pointing out what we already knew, that there was wealth inequality.



I think you're hitting on a very important point here, Sunnubian ... only it's actually just the opposite of what you're saying!! 


The truth is ... probably an overwhelming majority of the American public DID/DOES NOT know the truth about "wealth inequality"!!  Certainly not as it pertains to the intricacies of what causes it ... or the particulars of what results from it.  Like Jay-Z ... as Russell Simmons is pointing out in this article.  It's unfortunate, but true, that 'political ignorance' is at an all-time high for most Americans in this country.


People always think I'm being mean when I say that ... but, really, it's just a matter of fact and truth.  Most people (particularly majority, middle-Americans) tend to realize that while there are "rich" and "poor" people ("haves" and "have-nots") .. and the line between the two is distinct .. they have NO IDEA what has caused - REALLY caused - such disparities.


They have NO IDEA how they are manipulated by the collusion of Wall Street and the government (especially the Republican politicians they continuously vote into office election after election!!).  And sadder still, for many, they simply don't have to intellect to be able to EXPLAIN it to them ... even in the simplest 1+1 = 2 type equation.  Which is why things have gotten to the abysmal point that they are today.


You suggest, and rightly so, that in order to make the type of economic changes that would correct and lessen the "wealth inequality" - and that most people know/agree should be made and that they say they want and that they believe would be a fairer way to achieve economic equality - congressional/legislative action is the only way to do it.  The problem is that MOST Americans have NO IDEA what Congress does ... what their function is ... how what they do affects and dictates what happens in their daily lives ... how it works .. how it doesn't work ... and, most importantly, what they, as voters/citizens/Americans have the power to do to CHANGE it and actually make it work for them!!


You could walk down any street, in any city, in any state in this country and ask 100 people to answer those questions.  And I GUARANTEE you ... at least 8 our of 10 of them would get the answers wrong. 


To it's credit ... OWS informed/educated a LOT of (otherwise politically/socially/economically ignorant) people about economic issues ... which was a GOOD thing, because you now have thousands of people who have a MUCH better awareness about our economic situation than they had known before!!


But ... knowing what the problem is ... but NOT knowing what to do about it to correct it makes that knowledge futile.  If your car breaks down on you .... simply knowing it's not working does you no good towards getting you to work on time.  Until you add the action of taking it to a mechanic, who can fix the problem for you ... your car is useless and your situation will not be changed one iota. 

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