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I still say that Occupy Wall Street was too chaotic, did not have a clear message or a plan and should have been occupying Congress for making every thing Wall Street does that is destruction to our economy and average Americans legal in the first place, otherwise, Wall Street would not be a problem.


It was a great - but totally useless and ineffective - idea.  And, seemingly, that's all they will ever be.  Because they are barking up the wrong tree if their intention was to actually make something (good) happen.  They're not even in the right State.  Let alone dealing with/talking to the right people for what they say they want. 


I think most criticisms of OWS along those lines are disingenuous.  Almost everyone I've heard from who has directly interacted with OWC (in NYC) and other areas speak to how effective their organization was/is.  Not has a matter of being on news shows and making daily media appearances (which corporate controlled media has an interest in NOT promoting), but in how they handled issues, disagreements, concerns and issues from those who chose to take part in the G.A.


The idea of OWS's 'chaotic' message took off once it was clear they had NO interest in being cheerleaders for the Democratic party establishment.  This wasn't out of ignorance, but a deliberate point of movement identification.  They made it clear that OWS is not an creation of nor incarnation of the existing political establishment.


This always causes fear in the political establishment.  Suddenly OWS is something people take interest that they do not control.


Depending on what circles of political and social activism you're in will determine how you read OWS's movement.  There's plenty of internal and external criticisms, but one thing is clear--there's been a real impact from the casual language to describe what's going on (99 %vs 1 %) to the types of questions being raised about the nature of wealth inequality.



Of course there's also that other reason..........


Corporate media and corporate controlled branches of governments are not interested in any questioning of the economic system called Capitalism.  Sadly, the same is true of many who consider themselves activist and political commentators.


Before you can solve a problem you must deal with how you conceptualize the issue.  In that way alone, OWS has done for social inequality what Michelle Alexander has done with New Jim Crow.