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Originally Posted by Muhammad Cipher:

Check out the video posted above.  You may not agree at first, but I've notice a huge difference in the types of conversations people have when they're not limited by what the establishment deems practical or acceptable. 




Okay, M.C. ..... I watched the video! 


Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I'm gonna have to condense my answer here at this time!  But, hopefully, we'll be able to delve into deeper discussions about it later on!


However ... there are a couple of points I would like to make while the interview is still fresh in my mind!


First ... I think one of the biggest differences between our perspectives on this is .. well, in a word .. Richard Wolff!!    Unlike him (and you) ... I do not believe in nor would I advocate for getting rid of "capitalism" as economic policy in the United States!!  Yes, I agree with his statements of the "flaws" of the current capitalist state here ... but, it's not my feeling that there's enough wrong with it that an alternative should be that we get rid of it (as a whole) .... and try something else - like that Mondragon (sp?) system he's so fond of.


I would not want/agree with/advocate/accept that as a viable alternative for us ... in any form!  So ... we're just never gonna agree on that point ... which I accept, but in no way disparage you or your feelings about it for feeling the opposite way!!  We just disagree!!  But .. no harm, no foul! 


Secondly ... after watching that discussion ... I feel I do have a better understanding of your feelings/beliefs of societies ... oh, let's call it .. indifference to the reality of how capitalism works and its affect on our daily lives.


And to that ... I would have to say this:  First ... I don't necessarily disagree with the assertion that corporations and government are/have been pulling the wool over the public's eyes when it comes to capitalism and the economy, etc.... but, I have to relate that back to what I told Sunnubian above ... that LARGELY factored into that is the basic ignorance of the population itself ... not to know/understand/care/investigate the IMPORTANT things that affect them ... that make it SO EASY to be duped by these corporate/government entities!!!  And for that, I blame THEM (the people) ... as much if not more than I blame the corps/politicians for taking advantage of that!!! 


I mean ... it's not like such information or considerations have been/are being hidden ... it's just that people don't/haven't cared enough to find out what's really going on!  And, quite frankly ... as IMPORTANT as that is ... they should do a better job of it for themselves!! 


Thirdly ... as to the discussion they had about Prof. Wolff's professors not teaching or allowing alternate/controversial economic practices to be discussed (At Yale, Harvard and the other one, no less!! ) ... to me, that simply speaks to the ridiculous notion that White folks believe they know best!!  And, I'm sorry, but that's just always been a moot, non-important, unworthy conversation for me because ... I've NEVER believed that!!!  Never will.  Can't take that seriously.  And don't believe anybody else should either!!


It's a debunked myth.  And we should have moved past all that a long time ago.  But, for those still trying to hold on to that ridiculous theory ... it's time to just leave them behind if we're serious about progressing from this point on. 


But ... the good professor bought into that brainwashing mentality (I realize it was a long time ago and he was younger and I'll afford him 'youthful ignorance' for that!) but White people trying to take advantage and get over is NOTHING new!!  And intelligent people don't give it its undue credibility anymore.  And we shouldn't take it seriously.  Again .. it's time to move on to more relevant discussion and conversation!


Lastly ... I thought it was very interesting at the end when he talked about the creation of the Social Security and unemployment systems (being developed out of the crisis of the Great Depression!). 


I noted that at the beginning and the talk regarding OWS ... it was discussed how people tended to (wrongly) bypass the criticisms of the wrongdoings of the industries/corporations/Wall Street that made their money off the backs of the citizenry ... and instead, go after government looking for "change" and solutions for correcting those inequities!! 


However ... at the end he DID NOT give due credit to the fact that Social Security and those other "social" programs (which are arguably more successful than the capitalist model of economic policy that just about sent us over a cliff!!!) were a FUNCTION and CREATION of GOVERNMENT!!  And the fact that ... social change ... he's talking about .. can ONLY be achieved at and through that level (i.e. governmental action!)!!


I do not disagree that people should have acknowledged and directed anger at the Wall Street entities for their misdeeds and creating the outrageous LARGENESS of the economic inequality we suffer in this country!!  But, the fact is ... "Wall Street" doesn't care how pissed off we may be .. or how much we may complain or picket or demonstrate or "occupy" them!!  NONE of that would/will be enough to make them even consider CHANGING their ways!! 


It is GOVERNMENT and CONGRESS that have given them the tools/permission/legality to operate in the unsavory way that they do!!!  And it will only be GOVERNMENT and CONGRESS who can/will make them change their current practices.  They will NEVER do it themselves "out of the goodness of their hearts!"  That scenario doesn't even exist ... because, as they've shown, they have NO HEART for the well-being of anybody but themselves!!


So, as I said before .... OWS deserves MUCH, MUCH credit for opening up such an important conversation amongst those who had no idea about the economic conditions and circumstances that exist in this country!!  But  .... that wasn't enough.  Nothing has/will changed with mere TALK.  Nothing has/will change with a lack of ACTION.  Nothing has/will change with White people/Republicans calling the shots.


But .... changing our POLITICS - namely ... more people becoming intelligently and knowledgeably  involved in the process ... would/will change EVERYTHING!! 


Okay ... that wasn't short ... and I'm really late now!!  Gotta go!