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Reply to "Jamie Foxx Asks Governor Swarzenegger For Clemency of "Tookie""

Nmaginate dude,

Like dude I take it that it is okay that like dude, Tookie makes victims of your family and friends, dude?

Dude you're stressed, Tookie don't kill people. Crips kill people.

Dude call the cops I'm slipping into darkness!

Dude score points. Er dude am pretty sure I said Fuck-off. I am sure that is what I said. Fuck-off does not infer that I was hoping for your consent to fuck-off.
My thing with you is simple. Either you believe that shit you say or you don't. Walk in them shoes, bruh. Otherwise, control your feet and your mouth from speaking and stepping in directions you don't want to go.

Again, either you believe KILLING BEGETS KILLING or you don't.

Hmm "thing with you" (signs of a stalker). Hey sport we do not have a relationship.

I said what I said before and now I stand by it.

It ain't theory puta it be fact dude heart