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Reply to "Jamie Foxx Asks Governor Swarzenegger For Clemency of "Tookie""

Nmaginate I could careless if Tookie lives or dies. I had said that it should be left in the hands of his victims (the ones still living).

Just because I do not subscribe to your way of thinking does not mean you have to stalk me from page to page. I may not be a black American (thus perhaps your feelings of inadequacy and paranoia- but I am black none the less). My embracing of all that makes me what I am does not mean that I side with whites at the detriment of my black brothers (race-traitor!!- grow the fuck up), for as surley as the shit hits the fan I will stand or fall with my brothers. I will not however agree to this bullshit of conspiracy theory of persecution.

I believe in capital punishment. You do not. I believe that citizens have the right not to be mugged,raped or violated and that those that do engage in said activity do so at their own peril. Perhap you have been fortunate and not been the victim or relative of a victim of crime. I am, I have been. Perhaps you believe in second chances, I don't where my family is concerned. This is not classroom theory stuff, Tookies killed people and victimized his own community, his gang continues to do so on four continents (great legacy for a man of peace).
I have had dealings with physchopaths and sociopaths -neither has any remorse or pity for the rest of us. The scary part is they know how to play the game of normalcy, there is no cure as they are not sick, they are who they are and we are their prey.

So if you want to help them be my guest but... until you have walked in my shoes just fuck-off - alledged smartass.

Woops forgot to mention. Should tookie be executed his former gang that he created- The Crips- had planned on revenge killings of police and prison guards.
Tookie had renounced violence and rejected his gang but apparently Crips forever forever Crips tfro

Damn I should not post and drink scotch!