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Reply to "Jamie Foxx Asks Governor Swarzenegger For Clemency of "Tookie""

blaqfist--I feel just the opposite. Who has the right to judge 'Tookie' then or now? IMO a tribunal needs to question and hold accountable the very judicial structure that is judging him.

Kevin41--his usefulness is w/o question. The fact that he transcended inside the judicial system shows the true nature of the "beast" that created the judicial system in the first place.

Blacksanction--No one has the right to take another's life and no one has the right to take the life of another who has taken another's life.

When you do your research 'especially in "Destruction of the Black Civilization" by Dr. Chancellor Williams you'll discover just how un-democractic this nation really is....

The very word "civil" has no value, meaning or honor in this country. Ancient Africans--who invented true democracy knew the meaning of this word and practiced it very well.

Isome--Killing the killer "is" barbaric. I wonder if the loved ones have visited "Tookie" and started on their road of forgiveness?

Blacksanction--revenge is what has black people in a pickled situation to this very day; and, contrary to what you say--Tookie was locked up and in essence 'no one else' has suffered since.

The legacy of death ended when he trascended to a higher level of learning and understanding.

Kevin41--His obvious ability to "influence more people to change while alive" is apparent!

Dissident--formerly Keynote I will look into your suggested documentary.

Blacksanction-Tookies action(s) speak louder than any previous convict's talk of "I have changed I am a better man". I know of 2 other men who served time and became better men by their actions rather than words--Malcolm X and Carl Upchurch. Keep in mind Malcolm X did not kill, while Carl Upchurch did. Do you have anyone to add to this list?

Norland--IMO "legalized killing" is the right of no one.

You are exactly correct,though, we live and breath inside the Euro-version of everything, every single holiday and regular day.

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