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Reply to "Jack and Jill of America, Inc."

Originally posted by Nikcara:
J&J is for Black kids in all white areas to meet other Black kids in the same situation. So that those Black kids know that they are not the only ones going through a Norman Rockwell picture and you should know the one of which I speak. Call elitist, call it what ever you like. The point is that it is positive for most kids that participate in it. Funny thing is that for all the people on this thread that down J&J there are many more who still want to join. Wonder why? 19

People socialize in circles that they create all the time, most are not as formal as J&J but they do exist. You all know them well. Cliques in churches, choirs, political organization, lodges, reading groups, whatever you like, they are all socially limiting and self-serving. There are always people who want in but are excluded for whatever arbitrary and capricious reason. What gives a clique power is its ability to exclude. Not a single person on this thread who complained about J&J never once said F*** J&J, I am going to start my own club. I even made the explicit suggestion, but nobody took the bait. Be a part of the solution, Not a member of the sidelines who watches life go by.

So instead a lighting a candle, you all curse the night. Grow Up.

I didn't jump up to volunteer to start my own clique because I really despise cliquishness... it fundamentally cuts against my grain... I feel quite good just being me... I have no need whatsoever for a club to enhance my self-esteem... I am the source of my power...

I'll leave you to revel in your club and its power to exclude...

Grow up yourself .... Smile