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Reply to "Jack and Jill of America, Inc."

Originally posted by ddouble:
I've stayed away from this intentionally, but I have a question or two:

From the Jack & Jill website:

The goals, found primarily in the objectives of Jack & Jill of America, Inc. serve as our constant guides. They are as follows:
"¢ To create a medium of contact for children which will stimulate their growth and development.
"¢ To provide constructive educational, cultural, civic, recreational, social and service programs for children
"¢ To aid mothers in learning more about their children by careful study
"¢ To seek for ALL children the same advantages we desire for our own
"¢ To support all national legislation aimed at bettering conditions for all children.

This appears to be opposite what former members here are saying about the organization. The organization's goals make no mention of status or wealth as prerequisites. No references are made to aiming for Black children living in predominately White communities. The goal appears to be to improve the quality of life for all African-American children.

Based on what the organization submits, is HB's request for reasonable dues valid? Don't smart, impoverished children need this message as well?:
J&J is about taking your kids to the next level, letting them know on in very real way on an intimate level that they are not alone, that being educated does not make you less Black and that living some subsistence lifestyle is not the only future for Black people, that you can and should enjoy all this world has to offer.

Great point.

By being exclusive, they can't expect to give ALL children the advantages as their mission states.