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Reply to "Jack and Jill of America, Inc."

Originally posted by Shango67:
Being educated, staying out of trouble, carrying yourself with self respect, and coming from a family that teaches what is needed to survive in our world is not why Black folks are accused of "acting white."

Are you sure, because I have heard it more than once and not on this site. Oh and when I did hear it, it was not about me too... 19

Black folks who use the term "acting white" do so because they do not have the language to express what it is they know / believe to be true about the motives of their brethren. Confused Most Black people know when they are in the company of a brother or sister who is uncomfortable wearing Black skin. I can agree on this.

The term acting white has nothing to do with the value systems you mentioned... Disagree on that because that is not how the term has been used prior to your, novel interpretation....the term acting white is reserved for the phenotypical African who openly rejects an empowering Black agenda, who prefers to define themselves as "other," who talks about living in a "color blind society" - and many, many, more types of anti-Black, anti African behavior. Shango, you should really stop talking about Justic Thomas and Secretary of State Rice like that., it's not nice....... I personally feel quite sorry for those person and those of thier ilk, but that is thier cross to bear.

Normally those called out for acting white claim to be characterized as such because they are somehow the embodiment of all things good and productive - and this is a belief rooted in euro centric mythology... a belief that must be challenged at every turn...I agree an ideal that is simply not true and allows Black folks to escape without having to look at themselves.

Our people know the enemy, even if they are are a Supreme Court Justice, Sec of State, or Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff. We know when we are around self loathing, self deprecating negroes who define themselves through the blue eyes of white supremacist thought. I agree whole heartedly.

I know when I am in the company of safe Black folks - and I stay away from handkerchief head, knee-slapping, over laughing, grinning, buck dancing, eye bulging negroes who needed the validation of white folks in order to get by. beer

I was a member of J&J (until I wised up), went to a fancy private school, got mostly A's and a few B's, 1400 SAT score (which was low in my school)[funny I don't even remember my SAT score, but 22 years ago, I digress....., played all types of sports including lacrosse (I walked around the hood with a lax stick in my hand)By the way, did they know what the lax stick was in the hood?...Just asking...... play chess, acted in school plays, carried books, studied Shotokan appl, went to college, pursuing a Ph.d... and I aint ever been accused by my people for acting white. cabbage Amen, I am glad you escaped the nightmare, you are unique but with all of that are you sure it was never said behind your back.....19 You look to tall and strapping for someone who wanted to speak ill of you to attempt a frontal assault. karate Just an observation.

Black folks know a traitor when they see one!
Yes, we do know the traitor, and they come often in sheeps clothing. Often screaming how Black they are, but in reality, they are just poverty pimps