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Reply to "Jack and Jill of America, Inc."

MBM, sorry I left you hanging, hearings left and right. Not that you will agree with what I am about to say but I agreed with all that you have offered since my last post on this issue.

It is unfortunate that those who have not been members feel the need to decry the merits.

You are all right, while they may be eligible all Black children will not be members of J&J, just like all Black children will not be members of the NAACP youth council, the Urban League teen group or the Crips and Bloods. It is called freedom of association.

You are right, J&J is a club that is expensive to join, you are right most Black folk cannot afford to join. If not being a member makes you feel so bad, make the money to join or ......Light a Candle and create your own organization, call it Hanzel and Gretal, or The Black Child Group, whatever you like. You will be free to have whatever criteria you want as the price of admission. There will always be haters, but the negative comments in this thread say one thing, Jealousy. Loud and Clear.

My J&J chapter had members of every hue in the Black Rainbow. The paper bag test is no longer a factor, and that is assuming it ever was. I have found that the people who talk about the paper bag test have never been present when it was used. I think that that suggestion is made by those who for whatever reason were not invited to join and want to bash the orgsanization. Oh and anybody can ask Vox, I could not pass the paper bag test if I wanted to try. Yes, I am darker than a paper bag and try to get darker during the Summer cause I love to lay out in the sun.

As African people we are tribal by nature, because of the Diaspora we are so mixed up that we now associate by common attributes. A common attribute for J&J is socializing Black kids who live in white areas with each other so that they have other kids to connect with who are going through what they are facing on a daily basis. Another common attribute in the case of J&J it is the focus on higher education and preparing kids to live and operate in this society. What I find funny, now that I have been thinking about J&J is that of all the girls that I knew in it, there were no teen pregnancies, guys did not father children in high school. The chapter I was in had 100% college attendance rate, with a graduation rate within 5 years, and 40% of us went on to graduate school right after college and another 30% went within 10 years of graduating from college. Those should be things people want for their children, but for some on this site, education =/= Black People.

J&J is about taking your kids to the next level, letting them know on in very real way on an intimate level that they are not alone, that being educated does not make you less Black and that living some subsistence lifestyle is not the only future for Black people, that you can and should enjoy all this world has to offer.

I wonder how many people saw the report that says that being Black and Smart means that you lose friends, it was on 20/20 and in the book Freakanomics. That book also extolled similarities of being a Beauty Pageant contestant and a Drug Dealer. That 20/20 episode had these Black kids getting called names because they were smart. Sad testament on the state of Black America where being mediocore seems to be all the rage and totally in fashion. I say be a trend setter and be smart.

So for all those that did not get in, like I said before, Everything ain't for everybody. J&J is exclusive for a reason. It is about values. If you don't share mine, no problem.