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Reply to "Jack and Jill of America, Inc."

Originally posted by Shango67:
Originally posted by MBM:
Here is the picture of the current president. Does her hue look consistent with an organization that acts in the way that you describe about color?

Here's the VP.

Here's the Recording Secretary.

Here's the Corresponding Secretary.

Here's the Treasurer.

Here's the Editor.

And here's the National Program Director.

Here are the Regional Directors.

ewwwwwwwwww! The majority of these sistas be frying up their hair. They represent the awful legacy of Madame C. J. Walker.

Dont forget this is the front the company or organization is trying to sell, these can be token members...I'm just saying, its possible. I have friends of friends who are part of J&J and they disscuss color often