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Reply to "Jack and Jill of America, Inc."

Originally posted by MBM:
You're the one speaking in broad generalities, talking about "systemic mindsets". I am merely providing evidence to the contrary.

If your position is "I have had positive experiences and many others that I know have....." then that is specific to you..... I am merely stating my specific experience contrary to yours......

and from that I am listening to others echo my response.... and the observation is something of a passive agressive position in your organiztion ........ one that affects others.... your positive experience only affects you and those who are admitted in your organization.....

Those who are involved in the organization. bsm

Yes.... MBM..... thanks for pointing this out..... you kept alluding to the organizations uplifing stance towards black children..... I wanted to point out that your use of its goals is a limited one.... not all black children are seen as worthy to receive its benefits..... just those who are "chosen" and according to you, I suppose, it has nothing to do with the class or status of their parents???

Again, I'm not trying to deny you whatever experience you have. I am just offering evidence that suggests that your experiences are not universal ones.

.....The organization does not "look down" on anyone - particularly other black people. Certain people may, but "looking down" is certainly not a behavior that is exclusive to any group or class of people.

First of all, that's just baloney! Please share whatever evidence you have to support your assertion. You know of someone who otherwise would have been a part of the organization except for their skin color?

you can't deny them..... because they are real.... but they are not my experiences alone.....

but I had to say this earlier in this post:

V: I do not think colorism plays as much a part as it used to..... at least not in DC/MD..... I think money and status trumps this now......

For instance here is what Shango had to say:

Shango: There was always talk about money and who has the most of it.

Titles were very important. "That is Dr. Blah Blah Blah daughter."

Kids were made to feel like shit if they did not go to a Ivy League school or a fancy private high school.

Originally posted by Shango67:
There is a color caste system and it seemed as if light skinned Africans were prefered over dark.

Second, I was attempting humor. There are entire organizations that "favor" brown skin folks too. So what?

I don't know entire organizations that "favor" brown skin folks.... but... we are not discussing those.... we are discussing this one that favors "light skinned" folks.... just because the opposite may exist does not discount the problems associated with the latter....

By the way ...... I almost laughed at your attempt at humor.... except this topic cuts too deep in many ways.... so your joke was in the distance next to my pain......

Third, as I mentioned, there is color discrimination within our community that cuts both ways.
MBM.... you don't know this but in many ways this is being taken as EXTREMELY insensitive..... I almost don't know how to explain it.... and in many ways I feel like I'm talking to a white guy about racism and having him come back and say racism cuts both ways..... there's so many layers to me bringing this issue up that you may not understand I'm almost speechless.....

yes, it cuts both ways...... in not the same way.... and not with the same depth, breadth, intensity or repercutions.....

In what way can you attach that to this particular organizastion - particularly when I have first hand - multi-generational, multi-regional experience to the contrary.

Tired... talk to Shango.... just because he's the closest one here... or maybe talk to someone who feels this way around you.... they know you and probably can better convey the sentiment...


I'm drained....

topic too close for comfort...