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Reply to "Jack and Jill of America, Inc."

I'm sure about J&J in particular.

I would have to see a few meetings and meet a few more people to judge whether it's elitist or not.

I wouldn't call it elitist just because there isn't a plethora of low-income folks in the org, though. Especially when looking at why the group was formed, I don't think it should be expected to accept everyone.

I'd love to have my children in an organization like Jack and Jill if we were living the upper-class life.

Not to teach them the Black experience or how to relate to Blacks.

That'd be like a WASP taking his kids to a country club to learn Whiteness.

You're not going to learn about a huge scope of people by being in a club where everyone has a white-collar parent and is the only Black kid on the school. It's not going to help the child better relate to someone with a different life.

But the club is good for giving the kids people like them who they could relate in a world where many White people associate Blacks with ghettos and many Blacks associate privileged Blacks as not really Black.

I think that with an organization like Jack and Jill the kids will learn to scoff when Whites say, "You're not like other Black people," rather than take it as a compliment. And learn to take, "only White people talk like that," as ignorance.

It's a group where the children fit.

And there is a chance for networking.