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Reply to "Its time for black folk to be honest about black folk"

Originally Posted by SeptimusServerus/kraaal:

I don’t get it



African America--dot--Org?


Can YOU now not see that this is but the pox (willed but will neither stand...) and nature of a diseased and deficient of natural birthing legacy of devils in the throws of last ditch desperation to exercise a 'power' that it now knows it never had (and in reality, never did) as it is no longer the simple global 'majority' (or it's 'money',) but it, and it's seed have been watered out.         


This is nothing more than a pink-toed, mayonnaise eatin, bag-pipe 'jiggin', soap deprived krakkka--that is incapable of speaking any words of 'truth', besides the ones that I highlighted above.


And that goes for everything.


Theexact same goes for his 'brother' maynard j.


African America--dot--Org, are WE now obliged to feed the trolls?