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Reply to "It Doesn't Look Like We've Lost Jobs, in fact a gain of 2.6 million MORE jobs under Bush!"

Despite those who prefer to live in DENIAL, and you know who you are, I would just like to clear up a couple of other myths that the Bush haters seem to be so stuck on and constantly repeat the inaccuracies, presumably to make everyone begin to believe things that are not so in reality.

First off, NO, there has been NO increase in lower paying minimum wage jobs as a ratio of total jobs. According to the tables I've provided from the labor dept., the ratio remains just about the same as 3 years ago. Yes, I've heard the presidential candidates claim this, but of course thats why I'm posting the FACTS here for all to see for themselves. This entire fallacy is more a desperate attempt to contradict the reality, which doesn't surprise me anymore. But the facts do not lie.

I'm not taking sides either way, other than the side of 'reality and truth'.

Now, it doesn't take 'much' common sense to know that if there aren't lots of folks making good money in higher paying jobs, then there'd be no great influx of people 'dining out' or ordering 'services' that employ lower paid workers. So to suggest a magical increase in the demand for lower paying positions such as waiters, etc., belies that fact that in order to have such a demand would REQUIRE people with MONEY to spend, which presumably is what those who believe all these new jobs are limited to only lower paying jobs do not understand. But in reality there has been no such great 'boom' in the demand for lower skilled workers.

So the 'myth' that all new jobs are lowering paying is not only not accurate, but doesn't make 'logical' sense either. Those who believe that high paying jobs have been replaced by low paying jobs have NO data whatsoever to suggest theres been this boom in restaurant dining or service related fields requiring low skilled workers. That doesn't even make sense. Again, the ratio remains constant according to the labor dept's own records.

Someone mentioned 'population growth' or something to that effect, to refute the labor dept's records. Sorry, but that is neither here nor there. If someone claims there are 3 million 'less' jobs now, and that isn't the case, there is no way to explain that away except to say its inaccurate. And as anyone can easily check, the US population hasn't grown significantly during the last 3 years either, so I have no idea what that has to do with total number of jobs anyway.

As for jobs being shipped overseas, that has occurred consistently over about 10 years now. The effect of that is almost nonexistent to the labor force as a whole however, since the demand for software developers and programmers has ALWAYS outstripped the supply of american workers anyway. In fact, the majority of jobs lost to overseas facilities are 'toy-making' and assembly line positions, which are low-paying minimum wage jobs anyway. So if anything, we've LOST low paying jobs over the last couple of decades, not gained them.

By the way, this brings up another 'myth' floating out there that 'manufacturing jobs' are being lost at some undefined alarming rate, which also is inaccurate since those as well have remained fairly constant over the last decade, which is one stat that surprised even me.

As those of you who care about truth can see, the facts do not support those who like to jaw about such things and pretend everything is so 'hard' or 'bad' all the time. All market indicators not only paint a picture of a good job market, but the economy is booming and has been for a while now. No way to get around that, so use caution when listening to those in 'denial' who do not care to check these things themselves, and have other motivations in mind when they speak.

Thanks to all who participated.

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