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Reply to "It Doesn't Look Like We've Lost Jobs, in fact a gain of 2.6 million MORE jobs under Bush!"

"Read the other post Lofton....I am not about to play that stupid azz "chase lofton's repetitive posts" game. Like I said in the other reality is your reality if you are black as you claim to save the bitching.....get out and do something to rectify the situation since you have your panties in a bunch.....don't just whine and moan.....make a change your damn self........" by Kevin41

....well I'm controlling the game, while you continue to play that stupid *?*^# chase, meaning you have reneged, because you are still chasing. You can go get your "Booty Call" from your buddy Michael Jackson, while the sleazy Jesse Jackson, bogus dr. Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. ......if he were alive, or the very sleazy psuedo civil rights organization the NAACP take up a collection at the door.

Again, I choose my heroes and not you, to which in rank of importance, my true heroes are:

1. My Dad and Mom.

2. My grandparents, and great grandparents.

3. Any relative or family member who have been in my corner.

4. The heroism in me, to make things happen to better my own life.

5. The Joe Pine Radio Station, and one lone Black woman who helped to reunite my family, during the time in my life that Black people used the illegal break up of my immediate family for personal profit, as a means to pay down on their house note, luxury vehicles, etc.

6. The few teachers who have shared some of their expertise with me, so that I can use the information to earn an honest living.

7. Caucasian employers who have taken a chance on me, to which affirmative action, the NAACP, nor the bogus dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., etc., opened the door of opportunity for me.

8. A few friends, and/or co-workers who have helped me to rise above poverty.

9. The truly competent doctors of John Hopkins Hospital who kept in contact with my family during the first few years of my life, and/or the orthopedic surgeons of Kaiser Hospital who kept me alive after a very serious life threatening injury, to which the chance of life over death, seemed not to be in the mix for Michael Lofton.

10. Total strangers who have given of themselves to help me overcome an obstacle.

11. The many unsung heroes of Black America, who have lost their lives, been maimed, and/or who have made a huge sacrifice to make it possible for me to be where I am today.

12. The Salvation Army, United Way, and Catholic Church, which are the only charitable organizations to help my family in our times of need, while we lived on the streets of Los Angeles.

....and bogus dr. Martin Luther King, no good sleazy Reverend Jesse Jackson, the poverty pimping NAACP, the Urban League, SCLC, Push, the Rainbow Coalition, the so-called Black Church, any Black preacher, etc., are no where to be found on this list, because they have yet to do anything meaningful for my life, or anyone of my immediate family members.

I will say, that while visiting Washington High School, I had my first face to face experience with poverty pimping Reverend Jesse Jackson, to which Jesse Jackson's theme for the day, was "Down With Dope, and Up With Hope", to which Reverend Sleazy Jesse Jackson wasted little time in sending the collection basket around very shortly thereafter.

....not a one of my family members stood up when asked to stand, by the no good sleazy poverty pimping Reverend Jesse Jackson. Just as soon, as those Black people who stood, sat down, poverty pimping Reverend Jesse Jackson, called upon those who stood up, to contribute to the collection basket.


...but then again, Black people just love their misfits, in a former Los Angeles Police Chief Bernard Parks, now 8th District Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks, who was forced to resign from the LAPD, because he punished the rank and file of the Los Angeles Police Department, while giving leniency to his top brass police officers who committed very serious criminal violations.

"In general, Parks said, such lawsuits represent an unfortunate trend of employees "who get in trouble and seek to use retaliation as a defense." " as depicted by the article...mind you should a good police officer report the criminal wrongdoing of a rogue LAPD officer and subsequently have his or her career ruined by the LAPD, so much so, that civil lawsuit for damages is in order, then according to Councilman Bernard Parks, "Civil lawsuit for damages represents an unfortunate trend of employees who get into trouble and use retaliation of a civil lawsuit for damages as a defense."....which is again very out of order for an elected official, because elected officials are supposed to:

A. be ethical.

B. work for the people.

C. represent the law abiding.

D. speak up in behalf of any good samaritan who exposes corruption on the part of any government employee, be it in a police officer or otherwise.

$6 Million to Be Paid in 9 Police Suits
A city attorney warned that juries could award huge damages if the whistle-blower cases filed by LAPD officers went to trial.
By Jessica Garrison and Scott Glover
Times Staff Writers

December 18, 2003

Fearing explosive testimony in court, the city of Los Angeles agreed Wednesday to pay a former police officer nearly $2 million to settle his claim that he was fired and suffered other retaliation after reporting apparent acts of excessive force by fellow officers.

The City Council approved the payment, along with $2 million to settle eight other lawsuits by Los Angeles Police Department officers who charged similar retaliation plus $2 million in fees for the officers' attorneys.

Among the cases were one officer's contention that he lost his job after reporting that an officer planted a gun after a shooting and, in an unrelated incident, that another officer struck a pregnant woman in the stomach. In another claim, an officer said he was shunned and threatened after testifying that the 1999 fatal shooting of a homeless woman, Margaret Mitchell, was unnecessary.

In a confidential memo, Deputy City Atty. Angel Manzano urged council members not to let the cases go to trial, warning that the city could face a huge financial risk if jurors were allowed to award damages.

But even as they voted to settle, some council members expressed concerns about the department's handling of the cases "” particularly about whether police officials appropriately addressed the alleged misconduct.

"I find the case extraordinarily troubling on many levels," said Councilman Jack Weiss, who said he wanted the department to explain what exactly happened in the underlying cases.

Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa also called on the city attorney and LAPD leaders to report on how they planned to prevent future lawsuits involving discrimination, retaliation and whistle-blowing.

"While a major concern is the cost to our taxpayers, I am also concerned about the message it sends ... that someone reporting wrongdoing could be punished for it," Villaraigosa said.

Only Councilman Dennis Zine, a former police officer, voted against the settlement, calling it outrageous and saying: "In good conscience I could not support those payouts to the tune of millions of dollars."

LAPD Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell said he had not seen details of the settlement and would not comment on it.

The largest payment went to Warren Brooks, who was fired in December 2002 after spending 15 years at the LAPD and acquiring a reputation for "doing things 'by the book,' " according to Manzano's memo.

The Police Department said it fired Brooks because he gave false and misleading testimony to a police Board of Rights panel that was investigating misconduct, according to the memo. But Brooks sued, saying the real reason he was terminated was because he broke the code of silence and reported two cases of misconduct by fellow officers.

In one case he said he saw an officer pull a gun out of his waistband in February 1999 and plant it at a crime scene, shortly after the officer fired at a suspect and said the suspect pointed a weapon at him.

Brooks also reported that another officer struck a pregnant woman in the stomach with his club in July 1999 while helping quell a disturbance at the Jordan Downs housing project. Brooks said he told his superiors about that incident the day it occurred; two days later, he filed a written report on the matter.

Nevertheless, the department charged him with failing to properly document the incident. In November 2001, a police disciplinary panel found him guilty and suspended him for five days without pay.

According to the city attorney's memo, Brooks was the only officer to file a written report regarding the incident. And although charges were brought against three other officers for not reporting the incident, Brooks was the only one to be disciplined.

Brooks appealed that suspension in Los Angeles County Superior Court, and a judge overturned the imposition of discipline.

But in 2002 another LAPD disciplinary panel accused Brooks of providing false and misleading testimony during his first hearing, saying that his testimony at that hearing did not conform with his tape-recorded statements to internal affairs investigators. The city attorney's memo said that convening the panel arguably violated the judge's order.

Brooks failed to appear before that panel, claiming stress. And on Dec. 18, 2002, the panel found him guilty in absentia and terminated his employment.

Given all that, Manzano's memo argued, a jury could find that the LAPD's "disciplinary system was manipulated so as to target Brooks and ultimately terminate his employment."

The memo added that "the fact that the actions against him occurred after his complaints regarding alleged misconduct, and that prior thereto he had a good record ... may also lead a jury to conclude that a retaliatory motive was at work."

"The facts of this case could lead a jury to award several million dollars," the memo added.

Under the terms approved Wednesday, Brooks will receive a $1.24-million payment, along with $615,000 to settle a workers' compensation claim. His personnel record will also be changed to say that he retired, instead of being fired, and he will receive a retirement identification card and a badge. In return, he promises never to seek another job in the city.

Brooks would not comment about the settlement, citing an agreement with city lawyers not to discuss the details of the lawsuit.

In previous interviews with The Times, however, he said he relished the opportunity to testify against the Police Department in court.

He predicted long ago that city lawyers would settle the case because, he said, they knew they had no way to explain the Police Department's actions and because they were fearful of what else he might say on the stand.

"They don't want anything to do with me," he said. "They know better."

Other cases appeared less incendiary, and cost the city less money.

One officer, Barry Brooks, will receive a $150,000 payment. He said he was subjected to ongoing retaliation because he complained that a police captain was giving preferential treatment to lesbian officers.

Another officer, Craig Crosby, will get $983,000. Crosby says he was retaliated against because he blew the whistle on the mismanagement of hundreds of millions of dollars of computer contracts.

In another high-profile case, the city will pay Officer John Goines $400,000 in lost wages, damages and workers' compensation claims.

Goines said he was shunned and that department officials threatened to file an unwarranted personnel complaint against him because he testified that the 1999 shooting of Mitchell should not have occurred.

Mitchell was shot in May 1999 near 4th Street and La Brea Avenue shortly after two bike patrol officers stopped her to see if her shopping cart was stolen.

At one point, the 102-pound Mitchell pulled a 12-inch screwdriver from a pile of clothes in the shopping cart and began waving it. One of the officers shot her after she allegedly lunged at him.

Her death led to nationwide publicity and numerous public demonstrations against the department alleging police brutality.

The nine cases settled Wednesday were part of a larger class-action lawsuit against the Police Department and the city over alleged discrimination and retaliation.

Many of those cases were dismissed and others were settled, according to officials.

Eric Moses, a spokesman for City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo, defended the settlements, saying: "We worked hard to reduce the city's liability." According to the memo, officials estimated the city could face jury verdicts totaling $40 million for all the cases, not to mention the costs to the city to try them.

Councilman Bernard C. Parks, who was chief of police for much of the period covered in the lawsuits, was recused from considering the settlements.

In general, Parks said, such lawsuits represent an unfortunate trend of employees "who get in trouble and seek to use retaliation as a defense."
....and by the way, I lived on 120th and Main during the heart of the first Watt's Riot, meaning back in the day, when few if any Black people lived west of Western Avenue.

Unlike your contention, I have yet to say or imply that racism does not exist or that "Jim Crowe" activity does not exist, because to say this would not be the reality of it.

I'm saying that bogus dr. Martin Luther King, poverty pimping snake oil Reverend Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Brotherhood Crusade, etc., have not contributed to, or benefited my life, or anyone connected with my life in any regard.

Any credit given, will be given to the many unsung heroes, who faced guns, dogs, rogue police officers, the KKK, and/or last but not least those who faced misfits in that traitor set from our own Black community who find it amusing to break up the Black family structure for profit.

....and finally my goal, has never been to eat at any Caucasian owned restaurant, fill the concert hall of any Caucasian own business, because "God" truly blesses the individual who owns his or her own. As reality would have it, the only pandering crowd, are that crowd of Black people, who beg to eat at a Denny's, or bend over backwards to spend their income in business interests to which they do not have the first percentage of the ownership of the business.

You won't find Koreans, Hispanics, Phillipinos, Jamaicans, etc., begging to eat at any Denny's Diner, because they are too busy taking on the responsibilities of owning or running their own businesses. far as any nigger being caught in the dark, those of righteousness stand a better chance, those of who are not righteous bring on their own misfortune.

I'm not about to violate the law by driving while drunk, being under the influence of illicit narcotics, pulling a knife or firearm on a police officer, etc., be it in the hood, or cruzing through the heart of Beverly Hills.

Carpetbagger Using False Pretenses to Hold Elected Office Assemblyman Kevin Murray

Assemblyperson Kevin Murray was caught in broad daylight soliciting a prostitute, but I presume being caught for ....."niggering"-"being caught over there after dark" too blame here too.

Heck, in 1970, and for five years thereafter, I lived in Inglewood, California, west of La Brea Boulevard, when Inglewood was predominately Caucasian, and few if any Black people lived west of Prairie Ave.

But guess what, I never feared for my life, and the few times I was pulled over by the Inglewood Police, the moment it was determined that I actually lived in the community, and that I was law abiding, rarely was it the case that I was ever confronted by Inglewood Police officers.

Surely can't say that it is safe in Inglewood now. Ever since Black people became large and in charge, more Black people have been killed or the truly innocent have been criminally prosecuted, by other Black people than at any time that Caucasians were large and in charge.

Now, those who look for trouble, will not have any problem finding trouble. Many Black people who are confronted by police, bring the police pursuit on themselves by carrying illicit contraband, being under the influence, carrying unregistered firearms, gang banging, fighting in public, speeding, violating the rights of others, stealing, robbing, etc., to which those who fit the description evidently must like being confronted by police officers.

The tickets that I truly earned which were paid off, were not received because I was "Black", but rather, for the "California Roll", a parking citation, etc. Any ticket that was not earned was fought in court, to which I have yet to pay for any ticket truly unearned.

....any Black man or woman, who receives a traffic violation solely because they are Black, must be extremely weak for not taking their chances in court. Again, no innocent individual is going to take responsibility for a parking ticket, a moving violation, a penal infraction, etc., to which they can prove their innocence beyond any reasonable doubt. for, "So you can live in denial like a fat heiffer wearing a little dress.....yeah, she is wearing what small women wear but that does not make her azz be a small woman also. So carry on and rant and rave all you like is very comical in nature...and does not change the fact of your social reality here in the US" by Kevin41

........but you know what, again I could care less as to what you think of me, or say about me, because it does not in any way affect my livelihood. for any perverted sexual activity, being that pedophile, acting like a women, it for your buddy Michael Jackson. When he gets out of prison, after a twenty year sentence, maybe you and Michael Jackson can team up, and you can write a novel about life after prison for a pedophile, by Kevin41.


Michael Lofton

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