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Reply to "It Doesn't Look Like We've Lost Jobs, in fact a gain of 2.6 million MORE jobs under Bush!"

"My bad....I don't know why i keep fighting Lofton's effort to change my thinking from the way "dem black folk" think. I need to realize that the white man is good and in the image of God and that blacks like myself are just ungrateful and unappreciative. as a black man, i should be happy for any job..cuz dey really don't have to GIVE me one in the first place." by Kevin41

...and I'm not about to change my ways to give respect to individuals who are treasonous, sleazy, incompetent, sacrilegious, criminal, unethical, immoral, etc., over others truly deserving of admiration and respect. You go your way, and I'll go my way, .....but guess what, believe it or not, there are far more people in my camp than in yours.

Any preacher who does not practice what he preaches is not worth the time of day. Since these truths have been exposed about Michael King on numerous occasions, many individuals who previously respected Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., have truly lost all respect for him.

I don't owe you an answer to your question because Michael King is not worth my respect.

As for struggling academically, I've done very well, Thank You, to which your imagination, pompousness, etc., to erroneously brand me as otherwise, is as you've put it to me, truly irrelevant.

Heck, I would do the same to my grandfather, my grandfather being a Methodist preacher, should he be that preacher who cheats on his wife, lies about himself, plagiarizes the work of others to receive that doctorate degree, etc.

Since my grandfather was honorable, and did not do the things that a disgraceful Michael King has done, he will always have my respect, until I die.

I'm not about to flip this script for anyone, including my own immediate family or relatives, because respect is earned and not given away, like giving away candy to children on Halloween night.


Michael Lofton

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