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Reply to "It Doesn't Look Like We've Lost Jobs, in fact a gain of 2.6 million MORE jobs under Bush!"

The issue of high black unemployment during this time is truthful and cannot be attributed to actions directly associated with blacks themselves.

Statement from an article I read

*Already the black unemployment rate - which declined every year that Bill Clinton was in the White House - has risen 25 percent since Bush because the nation's chief executive.

** The recent National Urban League report, "The State of Black America 2000," said black unemployment, though still twice that of whites, was at an all- time low, with a corresponding uptick in college enrollment and housing ownership.

From an article written by Julius Wilson

**We're experiencing an unemployment rate that has plummeted to 4.2 percent. The black unemployment rate is now the lowest since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started collecting that data in 1972.

From another article:

Black Unemployment Rises Faster
(July 13, 2003)
Unemployment among blacks is rising at a faster pace than in any similar period since the mid-1970's, and the jobs lost have been mostly in manufacturing, where the pay for blacks has historically been higher than in many other fields.

Nearly 2.6 million jobs have disappeared over all during the last 28 months, which began with a brief recession that has faded into a weak recovery. Nearly 90 percent of those lost jobs were in manufacturing, according to government data, with blacks hit disproportionately harder than whites.

**Go figure......