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Reply to "It Doesn't Look Like We've Lost Jobs, in fact a gain of 2.6 million MORE jobs under Bush!"

Hello Sergeant,

Indeed, President George Bush has been a very good President, so much so, that a good possibility exists, that George Bush will be re-elected. Why so many Black people condemn George Bush is beyond me, because he has done nothing to disrespect Black people.

Condoleeza Rice has done nothing to betray Black people. From the reaction of quite a few people on this board to disrespect Condoleeza Rice, the reader would think that those who make such statements, picture Condoleeza Rice as the greatest traitor to the Black community who ever walked.

On the other hand many Democratic leaders who have truly disrespected, cheated, deceived, and/or criminally violated the Black community, are given atta boys and girls beyond belief.

.....but Oh well, again more so than not, far too many Black people, especially as it relates to the well connected, the so called university educated, that disgraceful Black middle class, condemn those worthy of praise, and honor the truly disgraceful, sleazy, criminal, illegal immigrant, traitor, etc.

.....and the days are numbered for the many liberal Democrats of deceit who have misused tax payer's dollars to disregard the rights of the law abiding men, women, or children. The Republican Party more so than the Democratic Party, will cut funding or take action to criminally prosecute those who choose to be so un-American, criminal, sleazy, treasonous, etc.

,,,yet one more example to which Black people honor the sleazy, a liar, a fraudulent Dr. Martin Luther King, whose real name is Michael King, to which the many unsung heroes of Black America, who are truly worth honoring continue to go un-noticed or they are disrespected!

....Perhaps this is key reason as to why the Black community continues to be the most poverty stricken, deadly, clinging on to life community in the U.S. Can't support or defend perversion, treason, disgraceful or unethical activity, and expect to get ahead in the great United States of America, which continues to be the greatest, most respected, most ethical, most humane, nation on the planet.

Michael Lofton

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