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It Doesn't Look Like We've Lost Jobs, in fact a gain of 2.6 million MORE jobs under Bush!

Now, I've been following the bashing of the economy as much as anyone, and to be honest I've known for a long time there were never any 3 million jobs lost under Bush, since new unemployment conpensation claims topped out at about 800,000 new claims net, at the height of the so-called recession. So I've known for a while that the majority of those who lost jobs simply went on to new jobs, as most people usually do.

Well, here are the facts and figures for each of us to examine.

Our economy is booming at historic levels. Yet myths of a "jobless" recovery are being pushed by politicians hoping to reap votes from your misery. Before you buy into any of the dire job loss statistics reported by people running for president or their willing accomplices, check out the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics.

News Releases: Unemployment Figures Then and Now...

The employed civilian labor force had 135,999,000 workers during the early days of the recession in January 2001 when Bill Clinton left office. The employed civilian labor force at the end of last month, with the recession long over, was 138,603,000. Those raw numbers show 2.6 million MORE jobs now.

So you can see why I distrust the figures of those Democrats with a political motive for painting job loss as awful as possible, who make wild claims of 2.3 to 3.7 to 475 billion jobs lost under Bush. Besides, common sense tells us that some people who "lose" jobs actually go out and get new ones - much to the DNC's dismay.

Now, Bill Clinton left us with 135,999,000 jobs. Today there are 138,603,000 jobs. Do the math folks, its a real eye-opener.
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