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Reply to "Is There A Scientific Reason For Treyvon Martin's Murder And Racism?"

The National Plan Of Action On Racial Justice A Call To Build A Movement



On July 9, 2012, the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM), a member of the National Alliance for Racial Justice and Human Rights, issued a “Report on Extrajudicial Killings of 110 Black People since January 1st, 2012.”Among the startling findings is the fact that every 40 hours in the United States one Black woman, man or child is killed by police, and by a smaller number of security guards and self-appointed vigilantes. Accompanying the report is a call by MXGM that demands the Obama administration commit to a National Plan of Action for Racial Justice to stop these killings and other human rights violations  committed by State  governments at every level.

The National Alliance for Racial Justice and Human Rights support the demands made by MXGM. “The MXGM report clearly illustrates that there is a human rights crisis in African American communities across the country where State and  even non-State actors such as security guards and vigilantes can steal the lives of Black people with impunity,” according to Alliance member Jaribu Hill from the Mississippi Worker’s Center for Human Rights. For more than a decade, a number of United Nations human rights structures from the Committee on Racial Discrimination ( CERD) to the UN Special Rapporteur on Racism cited the U.S. for its failure to put into place adequate safeguards to protect the human rights of African Americans from violations of  by agents of the State at every level of government. The MXGM report provides dramatic evidence that the U.S. government continues to fail in this responsibility, added Jaribu Hill.

The “lack of attention by the Obama administration   to the systematic violations of the most precious human rights that there is- the right to life – in African American communities is in stark contrast to public statements of  concerns  human rights in places like Syria and Iran. This politicization and selective concern for human rights in States outside of the U.S. and who usually find themselves the targets of U.S. destabilization efforts, demonstrates a cynical hypocrisy on the issue of human rights by this administration that is no different than previous administrations,” according to Ajamu Baraka, human rights defender and member of Alliance.

The National Alliance believes that the MXGM call for accountability and remedial actions and policies reflected in a  National Plan for Racial Justice is an important first step. However, any plan for racial justice must include policies and actions that will address the full scope of the human rights crisis in African American communities from mass incarceration to massive

unemployment. However, the grassroots organizations that make up the National Alliance have no illusions regarding the possibility that this administration or any other administration will develop and implement a plan of action that would reflect the best interests of the African American working class communities that are in the most need. For the Alliance,  the MXGM report and call for a National Plan of Action is also seen as a call to build an independent human rights movement that is grounded in the oppressed and politically independent from both mainstream parties of the 1%.


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