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Reply to "Is the NBA dress code racist?"

Gee, and to think that all I said was that whites are continuing to go to ballgames, guess all those white folks on tv must be cardboard cutouts, just how am I uniformed if in fact they are going. Granted attendance has been going down since his Airness left the game but overwhelming the majority of ticket holders continue to be white or has that changed?

"Never say that it was okay" please skip the coffee and go get yourself an adult beverage, as you usually do, you try to muddy up the conservation with BS, my response and go back and read it slow was in response to your ending statement about "is okay as long as the N*ggger is getting paid" I mean that was your statement was it not. I believe I even asked you how is stating a fact equated to being ok with a situation, the statement that whites continue to pay serious money for games while complaining about the games image.

As for real facts, this clothing issue is a blip on the screen of what is really going to happen to change the league which I believe will be the continued development, marketing and inportation of players from Europe and down under, that is what is going to fill those luxory boxes.

And as for what I believe I think my initial statement on the subject makes it clear that I don't think that its racist or a big issue, you trying to make it sound like I'm pretending otherwise is pretty sad.

By the way:

June 18, 2004: Final 2003-04 NBA Season Attendance

This year's average regular season attendance of 17,050 fans per game is the highest since the 1997-98 season (17,135), the last season the NBA averaged more than 17,000 fans per game. NBA arenas were filled to more than 89.2% capacity, the fourth highest percent capacity all-time and the highest total since the 1997-98 season. Team-by-team attendance.
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