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Reply to "Is the NBA dress code racist?"

Never said it was ok, just stated a fact that whites are continuing to go to games while decrying what they see in the league.
Then you are very uninformed. Or, as usual being very disingenuous.

What was the BOTTOM LINE comment for, JD?
That's exactly what the league is concerned about. You make a vague reference to Whites "continuing to go to games" without even thinking to reference whether attendance or ratings have fallen off or if it's projected to be threatened in the short/long term somehow by the "image" problem.

So you said something that amounts to some of your typical unthinking and typical inability to support your points and contend with the points of others.

As far as it being "racist"... DUDE, you practically conceded that: while they may see N*ggers

Your whole premise is based on BS.
"They may still be coming" but since there is this sentiment and NBA ratings definitely have been down since the end of the Jordan Era... "They are not coming" and viewing in the same numbers... and "growing the league" against that backdrop poses some BOTTOM LINE issues.

So please talk to me after you've had some coffee or something.

"Never said it was okay"

You called the players "spoiled" this and that for not graciously conceding to the dictate and for dare saying something about what they feel is driving this.

You did, in fact, say it was okay when you said, in essence, it's what they have to do to "represent the league" and those "grown men" should be crying about it. They're getting paid right? Paid very well, didn't you say?

So everything you've said has been about you saying it was "okay". You've definitely said nothing to the contrary. You're still saying, in essence, "It's Not Racist. Prove It." So, unless you're fully accepting that it is, you can't try to pretend you're saying that "it's not okay" the way these racist sentiments dictate things in the NBA (in a way things aren't in other sports that do have more of a balance).

all I did was continue the fact that what they see does not influence their decision to pay good money to go to a game.
Check that with some real FACTS.

The NBA is trying to make sure they sale those luxury boxes. When these White corporate sponsors haggle over the "image" their saying they don't want to pay for those luxury boxes to see those "images". NBA TV ratings, down since the Jordan Era because the White public generally is not as interested, with well documented racist sentiments that have everything to do with them associating cornrows and tattoos to "thugism".