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Reply to "Is the NBA dress code racist?"

Originally posted by Nmaginate:

I'm not sure, for what I've read, how clear the dress code, and the specifics were. Plus when bargaining on things that were probably of much greater priority, that was something that was sacrificed in a lot of ways.

There could have been a mere agreement in principle without a lot of specifics, I dunno. But that sounds like something the players union, if no one else, should have been sure to make clear.

But even so, there's still the issue where this issue should never have had to be a contract table issue only. As Mark Cuban noted, it should have been discussed through the proper team channels where, if nothing else, they could have put the onus on the players to come up with a "professional" dress code they could agree to of their own making that would not be at odds with the image the league wants to have.

It's just bad management, all the way around.

I agree. This issue should have been handled much better. I thought NBA licensed gear (warmups, polos, etc.) with the team or league logo would have been a smarter option.

This will backfire on Stern over time. You can't tap into hip hop culture to put the fans' butts back in the seats, then try to put it back on the shelf once you make your money.

You think there might be some P-I-M-P in Stern's blood? $$