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Reply to "Is the NBA dress code racist?"

Originally posted by Nmaginate:
i doubt that you would find anybody in corporate america who would disagree with the notion that while on the "clock" you dress in a manner that gives a good image of the company.
JD, I listed the thoughts of a "business man" and team owner, Mark Cuban. So, sorrry... I already found somebody. And even he agrees with the dress code... and, personally, I really don't. But ain't a damn thing about this about me.

That's the point... beyond the fact that this is driven by some racist White sentiments with dollars attached to them.

But, somehow you seem to have forgotten to answer my questions. And, beyond that, you're addressing me as if I said some "off-duty" stuff like HERU did.

"Good Image Of The Company"... WTF is that?

And they are paid to play basketball. When they are on NBA business what they do is directly related to the basketball court. So their "job description" and hence their attire shouldn't have to be anything other than related to that court.

And if the deal is about "representing the league" then what I suggested about a alternative dress code with players wearing their own choice of their respective teams' apparel would seem a good way to do it. And, if you link to that Mark Cuban blog-thread, you'll see how he's entertaining that very notion as he effectively approached his players for some feedback and that's what they came up with.

"Job Description" = Basketball player.
B-Ball player clothing = Basketball wear.

That's their "job". Not corporate meetings or addressing a public like that.

And HOW MUCH THEY GET PAID has nothing to do with this. Again, they are paid to play basketball.

I through I answered your questions and the off-duty was a reference to the article and how it stated they were representing the league, wasn't trying to tied you to Heru.