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Reply to "Is the NBA dress code racist?"

And the fact that they get paid so much money has what to do with the dress code?

The fact that they are grown men, for one, means the NBA could have and should approached this and those grown men in a more MATURE manner as opposed to a REACTIONARY one. PERIOD!

And spoiled people are nothing new... But whether spoiled or not, what does that have to do with with this ruling?

And, yes, FAHEEM... It is being reported pretty widely that even Tim Duncan doesn't like the rule. And, of course, Mark Cuban is telling all the company secrets.

Contrary to popular belief, the dress code wasnt in response to a problem with any players, it was in response to problems with owners.

...In a nutshell, they dont talk to their players.

Its amazing to me that this is really only a problem in professional sports. In "regular" business... I can trust my managers to maintain relationships with all of our employees. When there is a corporate initiative, we know how to work through any trouble spots and to learn as an organization how to overcome problems, whether internal or external.

Those skills dont exist everywhere in the NBA.

For many teams, I dont even want to say most teams, if the team wants to try something different , they are truly afraid of how their players, particularly their stars might respond. Its the teams that are afraid of their players.

Its funny how the media likes to talk about the fundamentals of the players on the court being lacking, the real lack of fundamentals is in the teams' executive suites.

A couple corporate customers of the league... were uncomfortable with the appearance of some players.
...Ownership didnt feel comfortable asking those players to work with the teams for the best of the league.