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Reply to "Is the NBA dress code racist?"

I know what you thinking now, the NBA is majority Black and because of that maybe the dress code should be more intune with the majority way of dressing.
Actually, it's exactly the opposite. As you so yourself, many a fan and commentator about this situation will look at the prevailing norms in the "real world", etc. A lot of people's sentiments are, "Hey. If I have to wear certain types of clothes to my job and look "presentable" then they should to." But the problem is, very few people stop and think what their job is and what's necessary to uphold or present the image that should be projected.

MLB basically called the NBA's deal bullshit. Baseball doesn't have and at the same time doesn't make an issue out of what is really a non-issue.

Me, I pretty conservative, dress-wise, myself and damn near despise all that high-end designer wear or bling-bling stuff. But what I like and even what I have to wear to my job, which sure isn't anything comparable to sports, really should have nothing to do with how I view this situation.

What's so "racist" about the NBA Dress Code is the attempt to "control"... It's an obvious response to the racist fans, Black and White, and the fear that the Hip Hop "thug" image via clothing can be "dressed up" in a shirt and tie and, somehow, those same racist fans not be as racist. Well, maybe I'm wrong. If David Stern can show he has good control over his "N*ggers" maybe White folks will flock to the NBA and disregard the tattoos and cornrows and forget, like they did with Jordan, etc. that A.I. and the most Hip Hop of players are actually BLACK. Oops! I meant, as Chris Rock would say, "N*ggers".

There is suppose to be some readily discernable difference that clothing just automatically gives away. Not that PROFILING has anything to do with it.

Seriously, though, when David Stern himself speaks about the situation and basically calls and treat the players as kids and not as adults (see quote below) that stuff definitely can't be separated from the racist-based "image" the NBA that he is supposedly trying to clean up -- superficially. Some of this is due perhaps because of how NBA players are, when they sit on benches in plain clothes, much more visible than players in other sports.

"If they are really going to have a problem, they will have to ***make a decision about how they want to spend their adult life*** in terms of playing in the NBA or not," Stern said.
And that's old-school and duly noted as ineffective or counterproductive management. In fact, it's a poor management style. But I guess it looks good and makes David Stern a big man... or THE MAN (coming down on the brothers showing them who's boss).

I do have a suggestion though... How come they couldn't reached a simple agreement to have the players come and go to the arena in some sort of Team Paraphenilia, whether warm-ups or what-have-you, and place an emphasis on promoting that NBA image? Players could choose from any number of their respective teams wardrobe or clothing with their Teams Logo to express a certaim amount of individuality while at the same time presenting team and league spirit/image.

This is pretty interesting:
Our referees are always attired a certain way based upon their job description when they come into the building. Our coaches are attired a certain way when they come on the court. We decided that it was time [for the players]."
And the players "job description" calls for what exactly?

Are the NBA players going to have "Dress Down Days"? When will they get that treat? I mean, seriously... What part of a basketball players "job description" calls for a shirt & tie? Are the referrees wearing 3-piece suits when they come and go to games?

I just wanna know...

I'd also like to know how come this isn't an issue with any other professional sports league. We know why it's become one with the NBA. Obviously it has reached Critical (and threatening) N*gger Mass.