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Reply to "Is Russell Wilson a Simp for rescuing Ciara? She is one of 6 different baby's momma's."

RadioRaheem posted:
Momentum posted:

Like I said, if a woman's first choice is to be with a low life, sagging thug and be the 7th baby momma, (Ciara said the baby was planned, wow, the woman is dumb as a box of rocks) DON'T SAVE HER, leave her no standard, thug loving skank where she is. Why invite bullshit into your life, why would you want that type of woman raising your DAUGHTERS and sons. 

Russell Wilson is so gaddam naive, shit follows thug loving hos. Leave them with their masters. 

Do not ever be a SIMP, way too many beautiful mind and body, educated, well raised Black women to be picking from the skank heap that's been drove through and fucked up by thugs. LEAVE THEM in that mess. 


I'm glad that Russell Wilson is famous enough to be an example of this kind of behavior.  I'd been telling younger homies and teens to be careful of the women/young women they roll with.  I hope this doesn't turn to some gangster stuff, but this should be a lesson to the brothers in the rescue boats trying to extend a lifeline. 


Dads matter!!  Fathers out there...this could be your son making a decision like him help himself!!

That's why so many men are commenting on this because we all know a Russell Wilson. A good dude, with a good heart, smart, kind dude, disciplined enough to make something of himself but NAIVE, no street sense and never thought that he was on the same level with everybody else but really the whole time he was in the lead. This same type of guy can be a jock like Wilson. 

We also know dudes like Russell Wilson get caught up with a thug loving woman who brings mess into his life and he ends up in jail for murder, the SIMP kills the gangsta. SHE AINT WORTH IT, keep it moving. 


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