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Reply to "Interracial Couple Denied Marriage License By Louisiana Judge"

There is good news here.

The judge DID NOT break any law.

So 'times have changed'.

I had an acquaintance...who called me a friend...when it was convenient for him.

He was the general manager of a plant just up the street from my office.

One day he called me to have lunch...after years and years of no contact.

Turns out....his daughter while living in Florida...that's right IN FLORIDA!!!...

She was getting married a 'black' man.

His concern??

'Now Jim, you know me,... and my wife. We are not bigots.'

Ellie and I are just concern about the children. know how their children going to be treated.'

I said...paraphrasing...

My wife and I have raised three.

WHAT AN ASSHHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jim Chester