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Reply to "Instead Of Asking Us To Forgive You, Try Not Being Racist"

White people are mean to their own. Did you see the babies dying in Yemen? Starving? Aren't they white? Can't some asshole send money over to feed them?? They're begging us for $19,95 to feed kids with their teeth biting both lips at the same time; need money for St. Jude Hospital, need money to feed abused dogs, never ask for money for the homeless.

Get these billionaires to fork over a few bucks. They can afford to do the do, plus some. California's in the depths of hell. 5 Hurricanes are heading somewhere in this direction.

What's funny about this shit, once their home's totaled, they always say they're going to rebuild in the same damn place. That's dumber then Trump. If all my belongings burned the pluck up, dog gone, car gone, I'd never want to live in that place ever again. But, that's me. I'd be crying for years, non-stop.

i hope Johnny Mathis is OK. I love him along with quite a few others. He already had one fire; I just hope everything's alright with him, 'tis all.

How in the hell is everyone going to breathe once the flames subside? Think of all the animals that have died, one 13 year old boy died with his grandmother and his dog in his arms. God!! What's happening with the people that need dialysis and other things?? What do women do that go into labor??

America needs Jesus!! Needs to get rid totally of the Orange Jug Head!!

OK, I'm off and running again. Thanks for reading. So long again, for now!!




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