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Reply to "Instead Of Asking Us To Forgive You, Try Not Being Racist"

Why do these bastards hate us so much??? We've done everything they've asked and more. We've fought for a country that calls us niggers and makes caricatures of our lips. They've got little black jockeys at their front doors. We've taken care of their children, taken care of them; so much so, they were singing about "Mammy". They've been killing us for 400 years. They HATE black men. They've screwed us since the beginning of time.

What is WRONG with these labradore retriever/horse tail folks?? White womens' hair is past their nipples now. Back in the 50's, they couldn't cut the shit short enough. Even with the hair, sometimes you can't tell what sex they are. Now they're on the Crystal Gayle bandwagon.

Black women can't even wear their own hair. What did that woman have on her head when Biden was talking to the family?? Some orange contraption that reached to the stars. All you could see was all that orange and a little scrawny brown neck. Was that supposed to be "beautiful?"

I like Biden, but my vote's on my table. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. How many more cops are waiting to kill our sons?? They pay NO PRICE for their murders of our kids. I don't know how these wrinkled assholes sleep at night after all the shit they cause in our neighborhoods. That goes for our sons too. Killing their brothers. Getting their asses locked in cages, getting their butt holes transformed into vaginas by the sick bastards already there and who'll be there until they're 95 years old, many for not doing a damn thing.

I'm not happy with "America." I'm not going any damn where, before you start spewing that shit. This is all I know; good, bad and indifferent. My mother dropped me here many moons ago.

White people are freaking me out on my TV. They're all kinds of colors. Some have dark makeup on and look black, some are pink, some are orange. Trumps head must weight at least 200 pounds. Bet some white women find him fine, fine, superfine. He looks like an orange balloon to me; an ugly orange balloon. His wife's an immigrant. Can't speak English worth a damn. I know she thinks she's the finest thing since Alka Seltzer.(sp) Not to me she isn't.

I'm suffering Whitie Overload and Black Ignorant Overload. I just mind my business and hope for the best, whatever that may be.

I'm tired!!