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Reply to "Insane Clown Posse sues FBI for labeling fans as a 'hybrid gang'"

I read this on the Gardian a few hours ago and debated posting it here for the same reasons.  Being a Hip Hopper, I've heard of them going back to the late 90's although they're not really seen as a Hip Hop group although they are 'rappers'. 


ICP is to Hip Hop what KISS is to Funk.


The core issue touches on the perception of groups and how the surveillance state agency's use that perception for its own ends.  If Im not mistaken Hell's Angels fought a similar battle.


Hip Hop fans and groups have been targeted and labelled in the same way for years.  From N.W.A. to Wu-Tang Clan.


The case of Wu-Tang is interesting because you get into the (incorrect) perception of the 5% Nation (or Nation of Gods and Earths) as a gang. 


What is a gang and who determines if one is a "gang member"?


consider for a moment Webster's entry (pay attention to the synonyms) :


Language, perception and framing can be subtle or overt.  The take away lesson from the ICP lawsuit is that we need to learn to call BS on it and not feed into it.