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Reply to "Infidelity: Do you tell your partner?"

Originally posted by xxGAMBITxx:

LOL this is exactly what happened to me but in reverse..but she wanted to hide it..I found out in under 24 does'nt work because it does'nt resolve the root problem..the other person slept with someone else...that can never be truly repaired...

Remember, it might forgiven but it will never be forgotten.

Yeah but she didnt tell you, someone snitched LOL

In any case, what if you never found this out, and she 'cleared her table', and moved on with life. You would've probably still have been married, raising your daughter, moving forward in the relationship.

See for me, i already know.......if he tells me, thats it. Im gone......there would be nothing to discuss, except who gets to keep what.

Why put your partner through that...?