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Reply to "Infidelity: Do you tell your partner?"

Originally posted by xxGAMBITxx:

Then you move on, learn from it and in the next relationship hopefully act with more honor and valor.

There is simply no excuse for infidelity: If one is unhappy in their relationship you have two choices: Fix it or end it...there is no gray area, no "what if's" or "yeah buts"...cheating is trying to have everything without sacrificing.

Never trust anyone who comes at you with a laundry lists of reasons to justify infidelity..that person (man or woman) is nothing but scum and the humane thing to do would be to drive a wooden stake thru thier forehead...cause their vampires! LOL

This is why i have issues with infidelity, because you may be destroying something that you may never find again.

But thats why this question is so important.

........Although no one is perfect, and things happen, why would you tell, if there is a strong possibility, you'll lose all you have worked so hard for?