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Reply to "Infidelity: Do you tell your partner?"

Originally posted by MBM:
CNN had an expose on infidelity yesterday. It discussed why people cheat and how more women than ever are doing it. At the end it asked whether one should tell their partner of their cheating or not. What do you think? Should you tell your partner if you've cheated on him/her? Why?

I'm torn on my answer here. First of all I don't believe in cheating. Married for 9 yrs, never strayed on my ex-husband, nor he on me. I feel like if you are looking for something that your mate is not giving you--you either work on getting it from your mate, or you get out of the relationship. You don't cheat.

If you do "slip-up"...then part of me says--yes you confess, you figure out why it happened with your mate, and you work on fixing what ever it was that put you out there in the cheating position. all of that is if you want the relationship.

if you don't want the relationship, but aren't ready to actually get out of it--then no, don't tell, don't cause any undo drama, but get out of the relationship...

bottom line--just DON'T CHEAT!!!

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