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Reply to "Incentives"

What's the difference between "garbage" and "trash"? lol

Garbage is a higher class of trash. Like an empty tin can that used to contain caviar versus an empty tin can that used to contain tuna. lol

Adam Smith advocated a system in which each individual pursuing his self interest resulted in what was best for society as a whole. But Adam Smith did not live in a world of planned obsolescence and Freudian marketing techniques. The self proclaimed cpitalists in this society hold up Adam Smith as their Lawgiver (see Planet of the Apes) but they don't talk about how much this pseudo-capitalist system is different from what Smith was talking about.

China has problems with corrupt officials taking bribes and making policies to enrich themselves. They have executed some of these people but it persists. An ideology doesn't change human nature. The socialpsychology of the culture has more influence on how people behave than the ideology. The Amish have a somewhat communist society. If someone's barn burns down they get together and bring the materials and work to build another barn. This is more efficient than paying insurance companies. In a sense capitalists are afraid of socialists because they don't want people cooperating with each other, that reduces their power.

In a way I am talking about going back to Adam Smith. In order for people to serve their best interest they need to understand accounting and something about technlogy and some psychology would not hurt. We need a society where individuals are more aware of the power games that are going on. Theoretically our educational system could do this but I think it is used to play the game on students rather than help students become better players. They are taught that their goal is to climb the corporate ladder rather than to defend themselves from the corporations that are scamming them.

Since the internet provides us with a technological Matrix to fight the EuroCorporate Matrix I chose to go to battle in the global mind war.


The Umbrarchy vs the Chucktatorship. lol


ps -

Contrary to popular belief, America is not a democracy, it is a Chucktatorship.

NAZI Yep, Chuck Norris will appeal to the egos of dumb White guys.
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