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Reply to "I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free."


That passage is not what I was referring to. Nice of you to arbitrarily pick a random passage and launch into accusations. I'm taking about the "politicians, bobby jo in middle america, NASCAR folks" remark that you linked to.

Unlike you, I've never at any point told anyone else what they should post. I don't agree with what MBM said and expressed why.

The "firmly and belligerently" remark was tongue-in-cheek. Which is not to say that I havve no problem with stereotypes, before you start barking down my back on some next shit. When I first addressed you, I told you that I respond to anything that I feel compelled to:

I'm not in every thread that you guys are in. I'm not affected by or offended by everything that you guys are, either. I respond when I am moved to do so. -Frenchy 2/2/06, 8:04PM

YOUR crazy ass is the one who started asking me about song genres and who songs resonate with, which is how we got onto patriotism. This entire conversation is fucking insane! laugh

I'm done.