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Reply to "I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free."

Originally posted by Frenchy:
It's a country song that resonates with people who are patriotic.
Frenchy, there are country music fans and musicians, no doubt, who are Anti-War. There are, I'm sure, plenty of patriotic people whom the song doesn't resonate with both because of the genre and the way the song is written. The themes in it resonate with certain people.

I'm sure there are plenty of Black people who are "patriotic" who just can't get with the way the song is communicated. They could remix it, put in their preferred musical genres and the words just won't resonate.

Those things are ALL due to the American MYTHS that resonate with those country music lovin' folk.

Also, our friend AMERICA stopped by and had more than just stereotypes to impart. Yet, for some reason the Frenchy Patrol failed to do anything but make Post Traffic Stops that indicate a certain type of profiling indicative of an inconsistent policy of outrage.

It's not that hard to be consistent Frenchy. If you're going to work the "Stereotype Patrol" and bemoan the way people are depicted then let's see a bit more consistency.

So, when MBM is stereotyping. Cool. Point it out. However, when someone else is referencing stereotypes, etc. in discussions with MBM et al then let's see you arrest those stereotypers with equal vigor. I'd appreciate it.

Either that or say exactly what it is that's driving your issues. It's clearly ain't all about the "stereotypes."