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Reply to "Illegal Immigration"

Originally posted by Black Viking:
Originally posted by ricardomath:
There is not a person posting on this board who has not exceeded the speed limit or let a parking meter expire at some point in our lives.

We are all "criminals".

We are all "illegals".

When we talk about "criminals" and "illegals", we are talking about ourselves, as well as those 11 million or so other "criminals" and "illegals".

I agree. But, an important aspect of this that we have to take into account is that if they are not in country legally, they are not privy to a number of legal rights that citizens and legal resident aliens are. This is not to their benefit any more than it is to ours. As MBM noted, the corporate infrastructure takes advantage of them, simply because they can.

As I've said before, illegal immigration only helps the upper-twenty-percent of America. It hurts everyone else.

But are these people any less exploited in their own countries than they are here. If they had economic/political justice in their own country, I seriously doubt whether they would risk life and limb to get here.

The real criminals are the international financial institutions, multinational corporations, and the governments that are complicit with them.

I could give a rip about whether they are breaking the law or not. Morally/ethically I do not believe that anyone should be compelled to adhere to unjust laws.

If we want to cease the flow of immigrants to this country, then we need to promote economic/political/social reforms in Latin America instead of supporting structures that facilitate these peoples exploitation by corrupt governments we have up to now supported because it is in the supposed interest of our foreign or economic policy.