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Reply to "Illegal Immigration"

What about the rights of legal immigrants---what's their opinion?

What about the African-American workforce---I think there are enough brothers and sisters willing to do such work but strangely enough I haven't read any survey's regarding this except for the African-Americans who are competing with illegals for the jobs in the Perdue Chicken plants in North Carolina.

Open borders???? How about open schools where some children of illegals are already crowding over-crowded schools with BiLingual or similar programs costing 10 to 15 billion dollars a year in taxes. Should that money be used to improve the American school system?

What is the impact of illegal immigrantion on the African-American community? We are still a vulnerable economic group.

How many times must a store customer repeat themselves b/c the store clerk (where you are paying for a service) doesn't understand you (linguistically) or vice versa?

What happen when a loved one is hit by a car and killed by an illegal who is of course undocumented will they stay at the scene to report the crime or run to their country?

What about carriers of TB an air-born disease or similar maladies they can't report b/c of their fear of being deported?

What new language are you willing to learn to accomodate them for their convience but not necessarily yours?

Why was the late great Ceasar Chavez against illegal immigration ? Was it b/c they depressed wages for legal immigrants and American citizens? Are illegals Union-busters???

If you're not paying taxes of course it's easier to open a business in aN AA community but then again they get the props for being so hard working and industrious.

Most reports indicate that there approximately 11 million illegals in this country already that they know of but I surmise that the population could be higher.

"Me minority too" so I should get the Affirmative Action slots reserved for AA's who have a long history of discrimination in this country.

I always hear that immigrants built this country---but what about our unpaid, raped and discriminated against slave ancestors?

These are just views not necessarily all of mine but just maybe a snack for thought.

I believe in Legal Immigration!