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Reply to "Illegal Immigration"

(or doing the jobs Americans won't do)

Our 'peculiar institution' of slavery is over, right? Wrong!

Amazingly we have found yet another underclass to import and exploit - illegal immigrants.

Whether you align yourself with the donkey or the elephant, you will find very few differences regarding illegal immigrants from either. From both animals we hear 'they are doing the jobs Americans won't do'. What is conveniently left out of that mantra is wages. Yes, many Americans won't work for the slave wages that illegals will. It is particularly interesting to note that legal immigrants won't do that work either. Illegal immigrants (often called 'undocumented') are usually hired by the unscrupulous that intentionally exploit them for profit. Agriculture is a traditional offender. Others include: construction, landscaping, hotels, fast food, auto body, etc. There is no end to greedy businesses with zero morals. Many individuals also use these modern-day slaves by hiring them to do gardening and janitorial tasks in the home. These are self-deluded people of questionable character. Mexicans are dying in our deserts because their government tells them to come, our government turns a blind eye to existing laws, and we hire them.

Who is to blame? Ultimately, American citizens have allowed this to happen.

We have listened and believed the hyperbole and outright lies surrounding the issues without question, logic be damned. We have watched as every lame excuse is paraded in front of us, and bought the lot. I've heard time and time again, they're just looking for a better life. Ironically, those arguing for the status quo usually say it. In other words: a better life = slave wages, unsafe working conditions, unhealthy living conditions, etc. Oh, and you better not complain cuz there's 10,000 more just like you who won't. This is better?

A two-step approach would easily resolve these problems.

1. Enforce the penalties associated with hiring, harboring, aiding or abetting illegal immigrants (commonly referred to as Interior Enforcement). These are quite severe: Knowingly employing an illegal is a federal felony.

2. Put the US military on the border until the word gets out that we are aggressively prosecuting employers who hire illegals. When jobs are scarce, they'll stop coming. Many will go home.

Pretty simple huh? You may wonder why your government isn't already implementing this. For whatever reason, and there are many theories, our government wants slaves. There can be no other explanation. Were you aware that many of the same arguments used to defend illegal immigration today were used to defend the importation of Chinese 'coolie labor' for big businesses to keep wages low during the late 19th century? This is generally thought of as a low point in our history. Today, countries all over the world are wisely debating the problems of illegal immigration and taking action, but not the USA. How's that for the moral high ground? Not to be outdone, churches are actively helping illegals to stay in the country. I guess more parishioners = more collections. So let's stop acting as if we are horrified by our historic black slavery, for we have instituted its 21st century equivalent. As history has shown, greed and morality cannot coexist.