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Reply to "III. Correcting The System of Unequal Justice"

Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:
I'm sorry Jim, I don't think I was clear. What I meant was this...

Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:

We have no contol over the ultimate tool of power in a political system...our vote.

Even worse we have stated that we are afraid to do what it takes to get it.

Even worse we have allowed those who we thought we sent to represent us to stand up in the U. S. Congress and tell the nation all of the above.

How do you think that we have no control over our vote?

PS. I would like to read your book, BTW. How can I get it?---Black Viking.

Let me address the last, first.

I have three books currently in print by IAANH Publishing Company, which is owned and operated by me.

The first is 'The African American Ethnicity',

The second is a Second Edition where I corrected some the 'typo stuff' in the first plus a little extension here and there.

The third is a handbook on 'How to'. I felt I had not sufficiently addressed that issue for my children.

They are to 'old' to try to talk to now.

Check my website for address, etc, and mail a check for $35US. I will in turn ship (Continental US and Canada) all three.

As to the issues:

We have no contol over the ultimate tool of power in a political system...our vote.

Every State has been allowed to keep discretion over when and whether a non-European can vote by virtue of The Voting Rights Act of 1865, as amended 1982.

I have to eat. I'll be back.

I'm back.

]As a result of Section 4(a) of that law, We do not, and cannot, have control of our own vote, neither individually nor a people.

The people who claim to be 'the leadership' for Americans of unknown African ancestry initiated a petition to continue the law as is...for us.

In that petition they articulate the reason being that to do otherwise, i.e. petition for equal treatment, would cause Congress to challenge the constitutionality of such a request.

This is a request for equal treatment, by the way.

The law already provides such protection for women, and 18-year-olds.

And both protections were put in place AFTER was written to protect us...on the basis of 'race and color'.


Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr (D)IL submitted a resolution in the House of Representatives (HB 21) to essentially start all over.

The resolution asks for an amendment to the constitution to do what the 15th Amendment already does for us.

The difference????

He proposes the new amendment say 'everybody'.

I have called this monumental stupidity. Why""

The constitutional amendment process is designed to be the hardest change to make to the American Government.

The standing example is the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), for women. After years of effort, the amendment failed to obtain the necessary ratification of three (3) States.

Rather than stand in Congress and demand equal protection under the existing law, the choice of our 'leadership' (You know they talked it over before Jackson 'put it on the floor') they chose to put the most difficult process in the system 'out there' as their effort 'do right for us'.

That is utter bull...!!!!!


Jim Chester