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Reply to "III. Correcting The System of Unequal Justice"

We also need to stop buying this nonsense that drug enforcement is actually helping our communities. It is not. I have yet to see any evidence to support that position.---Black Viking

I agree with this, in concept.

It is difficult to say arresting a person for the murder of another because it is 'drug related' is not helpful.

Drug enforcement is not the answer to the drug problem.

This discussion will go 'in and out' and 'up and down'. The bottom line is that the problem exisits because, because of the demand.

Make the demand legal, and the problem goes away.

Regulate the sale and manufacture of the targeted drugs, like all other drugs, and the importation will dry up.

The killing in the streets over market territory will go away.

The crime and violence associated with getting the money to buy the drugs will go away, because the price will have dropped through the floor.

The cost of the 'drug problem' will become the cost of rehab and treatment which is likely to be 1/100th of the current domestic cost; not couunting judicial and imprisonment.

And...not counting the cost of overseas enforcement.

The 'Covenant' doesn't even offer legalization as a reasonable option.


Jim Chester