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Reply to "II. Establishing A System of Public Education In Which All Children Achieve At High Levels And Reach Their Full Potential"

I may not be the best choice to comment here first. While I spent a very short time as a substitute, many years ago, I am not an educator.

Like most of us, I have many friends and relatives, in teaching and system administration, top to bottom.

I think 'vouchers' is a plus to achieve immediate relief for students 'caught' in the 'mug and mire' of our schools.

The organizational culture of school systems should be changed ove a period five years followed by a 3-year period of critical evaluation and 2-year readjustment.

The goal ot the process shuuld produce competency at all professional levels of teaching and administration with an accountability structure that is immediate.

Pay scales should be adjusted to attract, retain, reward performance.

Politics in the system should be made illegal with harsh penalty.

The Education Suppliers and Services contractors, and contracts should be reconstructed with defined illegal behavior and practices.


Jim Chester