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Reply to "If God had meant for Texans to marry, She'd have given them larger brains."

Originally posted by ricardomath:

Under the plain wording of the Amendment, anything identical to marriage (of course, the only thing identical to marriage is marriage itself) may not be recognized in Texas.

This is where you're wrong, RM!

"Identical to ..." does not mean "the same as .." and there are several constructions that are 'identical' to marriage that aren't marriage itself! Especially when 'marriage' has its own specific definition.

Technically speaking, the words "identical" and "similar" are adjectives ... which means they have to describe something and have less value than the noun that they are being used to describe.

The noun (marriage) doesn't need the adjective (identical) to be valid ... but the adjective is just out there by itself (impotent), if it has nothing to reference itself to.

But, as VOX said, you (and Ms. Radnofsky) will read and interpret it however you want to. And the fact that that interpretation does not make any legitimate sense doesn't seem to bother you in the least!