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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

Originally posted by Nmaginate:
The only contradiction is you, Nmurinate, because first you said you wanted to achieve independence from racist institutions, now you want to say blacks should be placed in these racist institutions.
Nah!! That's your broke ass! I told you about PROCESS.

And again, I'll have to Treat you Like A Prostitute... I mean "White Boy" and challenge you to QUOTE ME or STROKE ME!

............. laugh

Yep, IRONHORSE, a few people on this board have attempted to say that I'm Caucasian, or have no connection to the Black community too.

Unfortunately for them, it is also more insults, name calling, your an "uncle tom", you can't possibly be Black, "you sound just like a white man", etc. which my response to this crap continues to be:

Originally posted by shemika:
Michael – you sound just like a white man. You keep irrationally reiterating the same rhetoric without acknowledging individual realities where blacks are concerned. You seem to see black people as an isolated single minded unit acting as one without regard to individual circumstances and influences, which is very inhumane. Although you claim to acknowledge the realities, your conclusions demonstrate otherwise.

All you do is point fingers, blaming blacks for matters often beyond their control. You bring no sensible solutions other than broad, sweeping, unrealistic comments that don't actually address those realities, but rather, disregards and dismisses them. Saying, "All blacks have to do is stop dealing with drugs.", is not only simple minded, it ignores the power of racist institutional stereotyping and corruption that stigmatizes and persecutes even innocent blacks as occurred in TX. History should tell you that if drugs were out of the picture they would still find something else to justify a means to their end.

Also, how do you propose that the black middle class change the condition of black people in general? They basically get their income from white owned and controlled establishments that have traditionally terminated or blackballed anyone they disapproved of. The black leaders of the 50's and 60's did a very good job, that's why they were assassinated. That alone should tell you something about what blacks are up against when it comes to gaining real power and protection from their schemes. Proof of what blacks have to deal with is also documented on the COINTELPRO website.

What the Black Panthers and other black organizations were promoting, was unity, pro-black education, having each others back, and placing responsibility on the perpetrators and benefactors of racism rather than helping to tear each other down by blaming the consequences of it on the blacks of it's victims. Which is the answer, and is why the white establishment hated them. Watch who they hate and you'll know who's on the right track; someone like yourself will gain their approval.

....Sorry to dissappoint you Kweli4Real, Kevin41, Herustar, Nmaginate, Shemika, Vox, etc., but there is no way that you can destroy my credibility as it relates to the game playing, the sleaze, etc., etc., that Black people perpetrate on each other.

....As far as Kerosene Waters, Brentwood Burke, the many jack leg no good Black preachers, and the like, I've witnessed first hand the sleaze, greed, and incompetence of these individuals since I was a child.

...Heck, during the period when my sisters and brothers were being passed between Black folks to collect illicitly earned AFDC benefits was a wake up call.

Just as surely as my people contacted Joe Pine radio, and the lone Black woman who heard this message, as it relates to my Dad, and Mom trying to locate their children.

......Maxine Waters, Yvonne B. Burke, etc., etc., were contacted in person, by telephone, by U.S. certified mail, and/or by other by many other individuals regarding this reality of that middleclass using another family members to collect AFDC benefits.

When an appointment was arranged and agreed upon as to the date and time of a meeting to address this serious set of circumstances, these individual would play games, send the victim on the runnaround, etc., etc. On the date and time of the appointed the administrative aids, assistants, etc., would state, "You just missed them, as it relate to our so-called elected Black leaders", in a Brentwood Burke, Maxine Waters, Merv Dymally, etc., etc. Upon leaving the field representative office of a Maxine Waters, Augustus Hawkins, Merv Dymally, etc., these no good elected representatives would then re-enter the office from some back room or office once their administrative assistances alerted them my parents left the premises. After continuously being subjected to the "run around", my parents started using certified mail to document by petition the fact that these individuals were contacted, and the basis for the complaint. A hint to the wise, if you are going to commit sleazy acts, don't ever do this around a child, a teenager, etc., because they will never forget it!

Seems to me, the lone Black woman (A responsible Black woman), and/or Joe Pine (a Caucasian responsible U.S. citizen and owner of Joe Pine Radio) is more deserving of respect and admiration, or for matter more deserving of the position of elected representatives. Elected Officials by definition are mandated by law and sworn in under oath of office to be public servants. Our typical Black elected officials use this position to serve themselves, and their friends at the expense of law abiding Black people, or their constituency.

....but let a Caucasian police officer shoot a Black man, woman, or child, and Kerosene Waters will race back to Los Angeles to play the race card, condemn the Police, etc., etc., ....but she has yet to use her position of influence to assist that Black man, woman, or child maimed, killed, or otherwise to receive just compensation for the atrocities of a government seriously gone awry. Ambulance Reverend Jesse Jackson, and Reverend Al Sharpton were so sure that this most recent shooting of a Black man, and the residents with 120 rounds fired by Los Angeles County Sheriffs was an all Caucasian against Black people atrocity. Chief Baca, the community residents of Compton, the media, and the local community activists, in a Naji Ali, sent both of these media attention for their own personal gain shakedown poverty pimping fake activist packing like a runaway freight train out of the County of Los Angeles.

Black people have been killing Black people, and breaking up Black families for profit for decades. When this activity occurs, you never hear from, see, or get any response from Kerosen Waters, Brentwood Burke, Merv Dymally, Walter Tucker, Marc Ridley Thomas, Diane Watson, Martin Ludlow, Theresa Hughes, Gilbert Lindsey, Tom Bradley, Dave Cunningham, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Poverty Pimping Danny Bakewell, Ambulance Chasing Attorney Johnny Cochran, etc., etc., etc., or that typical Black middle class.

Heck, but it is understandable as to the reason for silence. This activity like illicit drug dealing is a part of the economy, or means to make a living of that Black middle class.

Butcher/Killer King atrocities, perpetrated by Black doctors, nurses, and administrators have been going since the 70s. Again, Brentwood Burke, Merv Dymally, Kerosene Waters, etc., etc., have been quiet, and have condoned this activity.

......Civil lawsuit in behalf of the many victims, is what is making for quality of life improvement in South Central Los Angeles. The numerous civil lawsuits for damages, have caused Caucasian, Hispanic, or other elected officials, doctors, lawyers, to "Crack the Whip", "Blow the Whistle", expose the activity by publishing it in the Los Angeles Times, and by firing or forcing many of these no good Black nurses, doctors, or hospital administrators to resign.

Like other victims who have filed claims for damages, and/or who are taking action to remove that disgraceful Black middle class from Butcher/King Hospital, the Lofton family will eventually be paid, and that no good game playing set of Black elected officials will be removed from elected office. Some are being removed by criminal indictment, and many will be removed by demographic shifts, because unlike that typical Black middleclass who protect, remains silent, or profits from the destruction of destroying the Black family structure, Hispanics are very family oriented, meaning they will not put up with this foolishness.

Tyler Perry, If you are listening, I know that you can relate to this. Coming from the "Hood" just like you, I know for a fact that there are many Black people around, from all walks of life, that would just as soon shake hands with you, as to quickly stab you in the back when your back is turned, or your guards are down.

I'm on the roll Kweli4Real, and there is nothing you can do to stop this message. The numbers of Black people who agree with me are growing. Tune in to, KRLA, A.M. 890, and you can listen to some of them on any given day make similar statements, meaning you are outnumbered.

There are only a few people on this message board who can relate to this message, as it relates to the uncouthness, the obnoxiousness of that typical Black middle class. I'm sure that ocatchings can relate to some of this material as well. I know IronHorse relates to this material, because of the unwarranted insults sent his direction by a few members of

Nope, ......I Don't have to prove my Blackness to anyone. I have years of experience!


Michael Lofton