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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

because you haven't stated how these people are going to all of a sudden deal with having all of their income. I could have sworn your water headed ass said that blacks shouldn't recieve monetary compensation through reparations. ironazz

What I think you are trying to say is "you never said what black people are going to do with all of their new found wealth."

My answer is rather simple; Whatever they want to do with it! They could buy a new house, car, or invest.

House niggas like you would probably give it back though; thats cool with me to, after all it is "your" money".

I never said anything about recieving money for reparations, namely because I don't think we would ever get money, waiving the income tax is doable though.

What are you, about 5'6?
I did'nt know they stacked shit that high.